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Discover how YOU can BENEFIT from Extra Mile’s AWESOMENESS!

With over 250,000 PRODUCT SKUS and 400,000 sq. ft. of production space in more than 18 PRINTING PLANTS – digitally connected and strategically located throughout the USA and Canada, we provide premium quality low cost printing, fast turnaround and optimized shipping.

You’ll also be pleased to know that WE RETURN PHONE CALLS and RESPOND TO E-MAILS in a timely fashion – usually within hours. This is something that seems to surprise a lot of folks!

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We promise…


Our customers agree…

Priscilla U (UT&N)
Thank you Richard
Those are the best business cards I have ever ordered!
I’m very excited!
Thank you again 🙂 Ben Smith (Columbus, Ohio)
If you could hear me looking and laughing with giddy delight, you would have also heard me say:
I really didn’t know that you were a designer. I am above and beyond impressed. Jackie C (IQUITEZ)
Thank You Richard – love the cards. When I order them again, will you have all the info on file?
(Editor’s note – yes, we do archive all uploaded and/or created print files for several years – for FREE!) Dawn M (DM Presents)
I am delighted with my order which was delivered on time and is of the utmost quality, in fact, better than I anticipated.
I could not be more pleased and will broadcast your value and quality to everyone I meet. Linda G (GTOT Association)
Thanks so much, Richard!
You are one in a million and I love doing business with you! Peter B (B GALLERY)
The Greeting Cards arrived and they look great.
I just wanted to let you know we received the brochures yesterday and they are fantastic!! 🙂
Thank you again for all your help and I will be ready to make up additional brochures soon. Jessie H (W&W ECOTOURS)
We love the rack cards!!!  Thank you.
RE: Festival Postcards – Many thanks!  You’re terrific!
Thanks very much for looking into this.
Your company’s responsiveness always amazes me. Have a great weekend! Alex M (1L MARKETING)
I got my business cards and they are AWESOME!
Thank you for all your help that goes waaay beyond of what can be expected. Andrew K (LP INVITATION DESIGN)
I’m in love with my new biz cards – thank you for all your help and guidance.
Beautiful cards! Katrina H (RF DESIGN)
I just received my latest two orders of business cards today – both with rounded corners.
I love them!  They turned out wonderfully!
I have already given one order to one client and she is thrilled too.  Thank you! Michele SG (P PEOPLE)
I am so glad you’re still around…
I’ve had nothing but a wonderful experience with your company! Brett G (NGE SOLUTIONS)
Seriously – your customer service is off the charts.
I will always use you on freelance print jobs that come up and I will recommend you to others. Chana M (GH GRAPHICS)
By the way, on the postcard order for SE – my client and I were completely blown away by how quickly they came in.
I ordered them on Monday they were delivered on Friday.
And my client absolutely LOVES them.

I have not yet seen them but he was so excited about how well they came out and the cost was less than ½ of what we can get from a local printer here – and that is not with the UV coating and heavier stock.

So thank you for making me look so good to my client – and for your awesome customer service – I’m so happy I discovered you guys!


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