Coatings and Finishes

Paper coating should not be confused with AQ, UV or laminate finish coatings.

Our standard paper for business cards and postcards is 16PT coated.
Each printed item is .016″ thick so 1,000 items makes a stack 16″ tall.

The term “coated paper” refers to coating applied at the paper manufacturing stage. Coated paper has a smoother printing surface and lower ink absorption than uncoated paper and provides a sharper more vibrant printing result.

Additional coatings such as AQ, UV or laminates, applied after printing, can add a satin, low-gloss or high-gloss finish. These coatings provide a protective layer that covers the ink and further enhances the printed appearance of the item. They protect against water, smudging, ink transfer, blemishes, fingerprints and other similar issues.

Most additional coatings like AQ or laminates are applied “overall” to the entire paper surface.

Some coatings, such as SPOT UV or RAISED SPOT UV can be applied to a precise point or points on a page to accent and draw attention to a photo, logo or graphic area. SPOT or RAISED SPOT coatings require additional artwork to indicate the exact size, shape and positioning where the “spot” coating is to be applied. This artwork is referred to as a “mask” and a separate “mask” file is required for each page or side where “spot” coating is to appear.

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